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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Polka Dot Jeans w/ Bleach Pen

Yet another bandwagon upon which I was late to hop....

but I'm so glad I did! This is definitely one of my all-time favorite projects. Cheap, relatively easy, and lovely result. Half the tutorials for polka dot jeans that I've seen use acrylic paint, but I was afraid paint would come off to easily. I opted to use bleach, specifically a bleach pen, because for whatever reason the liquid just didn't work when I made a test swatch. The bleach pen was easy to use and made little-to-no mess. 

I don't think the blog world needs yet another tutorial on how to do bleach polka dots, but here's some thoughts about what I learned during this project.

1 // The color of your jeans will affect the end result. Duh, you say. Duh, I said. But what I hadn't counted on was how the fade/wash affected the dots. Where the jeans were darkest, the dots were faintest and vice versa. This ended up creating an ombre effect (which I personally love), but if you're looking for uniformity get solid wash jeans. 

2 // Most of the instructions I've seen floating around for using the bleach pen are taken directly from the Clorox website, but I found them to be less than helpful. Scrape off "gel dots"??? They just kinda crusted over into something that flicked away. I also did not do the hydrogen peroxide bath and they did just fine - no bleach runs. Their methods requires you to do one side at a time, letting jeans completely dry before you can switch. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

3 // I dotted one side, let it dry for about two hours until fairly dry, flipped them over and repeated on the back. When the back was semi-dry, I carefully finished the remaining spots that had gotten missed in the flipping (sides, inside thigh area, etc.). I let the dots dry completely over night, tossed the jeans in the wash in the morning (cold water), and air dried them all day. Worked beautifully! 

4 // I made 1/4" dots spaced approx. 1" apart....approximately is very generous....that inch certainly grew and shrank a lot as I made my way down the leg! 

And there you have it. Yay for polka dots!

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  1. I like your tips! I've been thinking about doing this to a pair of colored jeans, maybe my teal or green ones. I love your end result though. The spacing looks uniform to me!

  2. LOVE it! Super cute and easy :) Thanks for sharing - you always have such wonderful tips.


  3. Love! I'm glad to know that you got a better result then I did, they look really cute! I may have to try it again with a bleach pen.

  4. the bleach pen is such a great idea!!! thanks for sharing this!

    Sisters Marie
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  5. Pinned and shared on Facebook. SOOOO cute:) Happy Easter

  6. These look so good! Never thought to do this with a bleach pen!

  7. So Stinkin' Cute! I totally want to try this! I would love for you to share this on my weekly link party Blog Stalking Thursday. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. You are being featured this week:) Thanks for linking up.



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