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Monday, February 11, 2013

Do You Lilac It? // OPI

(Nail polish? She's writing about nail polish??)
Yes, yes I am. When I discovered that people actually blog about nail polish (best formulas, best coverage, etc.), it changed my life. No more buying dud colors. No more wondering what a color actually looks like on. So yes, I am blogging about nail polish today. 

This is the new polish I bought with my Ulta birthday coupon and I'm in love. Purple is just the best color in the world. I had lots of shimmery purple polish when I was younger, fell out of love with purple nails when I hit college, but now Purple and I are together again.

I wanted a color with no shimmer - You're Such a Budapest was a close second, but it's more of a periwinkle and has a slight shimmer. No shimmer, true purple = Do You Lilac It?

It's a little runny with just one coat, but covers beautifully with two. (I always do a base coat, two coats of color, and a layer of top coat.) Nice opacity, drying time was average. Currently I'm on Day 2, so I'll update on wear and tear later this week. 

Here's some pictures in morning light for color comparison: 

See, I'm a normal person with terrible cuticles.

Forget painting your fingernails pink or red for V-day. Paint them purple for Lent!!
(Though you could claim it's "conversation heart" purple.)


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