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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Draft Along - Knit T-shirt

Hey guys, I finally got it up! This project had been almost finished for a while, but right before Thanksgiving I sewed a sleeve inside out. Have you ever tried picking out a stretch stitch? Crazy hard. Well I finally dragged myself through that pit of despair and resewed the sleeve. Whew. 

This project was also a learning, learning just how long my torso and arms are. I ended up not leaving myself quite enough fabric to hem (though I might just make 3/4 sleeves). For the button-up shirt I'm currently sewing up, I way over-compensated....but better more than less fabric, right?

I've been working on a variety of Christmas presents that I couldn't post about without banning my family from reading my blog until after the holidays, but I'll have some new sewing projects coming soon! 



  1. You did such a gorgeous job on your t shirt Kaitlin. I really love that fabric too.



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