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Thursday, November 29, 2012

happy holidays

My husband hates being photographed. 
I am slightly more tolerant because I know family like seeing pictures of us from time to time. (Notice that most of my blog photos are headless.) We've been married a year and a half, and apart from a quick snapshot on our one year anniversary, we hadn't had a single photo snapped of us together. I finally put my foot down this Thanksgiving and insisted we take a picture to send with Christmas cards. Of course my husband decided to misbehave. 50+ pictures later, here's the cream of the crop. (For the record, we tried five different locations, but this was my favorite sequence.)

I first thought we'd try to be all cutesy with a chalkboard.

But that didn't work.

And then he started throwing leaves.

But we finally succeeded in the end. 

Christmastime is my favorite season of the year. I particularly love the month of Advent as we prepare to celebrate our Lord's birth. It's like beginning Christmas a month early. Last year I had third graders to do Advent activities with, but this year I can't do those things with high school students because of logistics. I really need kids! (Just to celebrate Advent with, you know.)

Ok, trying to finish up my pattern for the button-up blouse. I need to re-cut the t-shirt and post a picture of that soon. I sewed one sleeve of my muslin inside out. Lesson learned: don't sew in the dark.  >_<



  1. Oh John, what a little punk. :) I love the pictures though!

  2. Happy holidays to you too.. I'm nominating you for the Liebster Award. Read more about it here:
    Liebster Blog award nomination



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