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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Draft Along - A-line Skirt

This month I'm participating in a Draft Along at Sew Country Chick. It's not too late to get started if you want to join! We're using Cal Patch's book Design-it-Yourself Clothes and drafting about a pattern a week. 

This book is fabulous! The instructions are very clear and easy to follow - this process has definitely demystified pattern making for me. The A-line skirt was particularly easy. Now I have to restrain myself form whipping out a bunch in different patterns.

For my first one, I chose this beautiful, cheap, machine-washable, sparkly, herringbone tweed - discount rack at JoAnns! 

There - see the sparkle? Classy and fun. Perfect for a schoolteacher around the holidays. 

I didn't take pictures of the process, but here's the finished product. 

I was so pleased with this project! It's so cool to make something you'd actually wear from scratch. My childhood dream was to be a fashion designer, and I feel like I'm getting to live out a little part of that dream now. This week is knit tees. I'm hoping to finish mine this evening!



  1. Love this, it's so cute. You can never go wrong with herringbone!

  2. Your skirt came out great!. I like the neutral fabric with the sparkle! Looks like you got a great fit too!

  3. This looks fantastic on you! Sorry I didn't post Tuesday if you stopped by. I had a bad cold and will post on Friday though!

  4. Love your skirt !! I am a part of the draft along too :) Nice to meet you..
    I finished my skirt too and happy with the results.. Drop by sometime and check it out..

  5. The skirt looks wonderful. I love the herringbone fabric and the styling of your outfit. Great job with the drafting!

  6. Love the fabric choice! I agree I had to restrain from starting different variation right away.

  7. Your skirt is beautiful and I adore the fabric!! Just wanted to let you know that I've nominated your blog for the Liebster award! Details here:

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog



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